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My name is Petr Vopenka and I am a photographer. I got my first camera in 1985 from my parents and continued taking and developing pictures through my high school and university years, but it wasn’t until 2009 when I became professional photographer. My journey as a professional photographer started one year earlier on a studio photography course. When I took the course I had no idea how important that was to me. That course changed my life.

I started to see things differently and my pictures suddenly got better and more creative. I also started to spend more money on camera gear (that was a bit of down side to it), but eventually started to get the money back as others recognised the quality of my pictures and I got paid assignments. I believe you become professional photographer at the moment when somebody, who you don’t know personally, pays for your images.

I started to take pictures of my friends and then friends of my friends and eventually I got clients that just found me through my website without previously knowing me. They asked me for family portraits first, but some of them had businesses and needed good pictures for websites and promotional printed materials. So that is how I got into commercial photography.

I believe you can do the same. There are thousands of people and businesses who need good pictures. But even if you don’t plan to make money with photography, I am sure that one day you want to look back at your pictures and see your friends, parents or children in a good light exactly as you remember them.

Photographeria.com is about sharing my experience with you. I am always happy to talk about photography in general or about our courses in particular. You can meet me on Facebook or contact me via email. See you soon.


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Megan Jay
Megan Jay
I worked with Photographeria when he came up to Penrith to shoot with me, he had some great ideas. We did the 12 months fairy tale and we got some brilliant results. Highly recommended
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead
Had a great day out on a photography course in the Lake District walking around the fells of Hawsewater delivered by Petr Vopenka . Finally taken my stabilisers off and shot a few photos in manual modes with expert guidance.
Miles Roberts
Miles Roberts
Had a great day out in the Lake District with Photographeria. Learnt some great tips on how to get the most out of my camera, and had a good walk/hike/scramble up a hillside to go with it! Looking forward to another course soon. Thank you.
Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper
Did the Lake District workshop today - great opportunity for beginners to learn the basics in lovely scenery. Petr is very knowledgeable and patient and I learnt a lot. Many thanks! Highly recommend.