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Photography basics is one of beginners photography courses. You will learn how to improve your pictures, and how the camera settings will help you start collecting great photo archive. We will go through the basics and only briefly touch upon various photography disciplines such as portrait, weddings, landscape, commercial and studio photography. We have separate courses available focusing on landscape photography and studio photography if you are already familiar with the basics and you are more interested in specific photographic discipline.

After short introduction to photography we will explore various ways how to make your pictures stand out. We will discuss how and where to focus and how to blur background by using correct camera settings. Have you ever wandered what those automatic camera modes do? We will explain what is going on when you select one of those modes such as  Portrait, Sport, Landscape or others. Then we take it beyond those automatic modes working directly with Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO settings.

Everything you learn will be put into practise right on the spot. So bring your camera (with empty memory card and fully charged battery). This camera should have manual settings available, so ideally DSLR (the big camera with changeable lenses). However, compact camera will work as well. Having only mobile phone may be a bit limiting for the practical exercise, but you can still learn a lot of theory. Especially if you plan to buy your first camera beginners photography courses will give you good base for making your decision.
This course will also give you solid understanding of the differences between mobile phone, compact camera and DSLR. Each of them has its place in today’s photography.
Recommendation will be given in respect to lenses, filters and other photographic gear such as camera bags, tripods, flashes, etc.

This workshop is open to anybody, but is ideal for beginners who already have camera and want to push their boundaries beyond point and shoot photography.


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Available dates

Date Event Available spaces
10:00 - 15:00
Beginners photography course
Lancaster University, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster

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Megan Jay
Megan Jay
I worked with Photographeria when he came up to Penrith to shoot with me, he had some great ideas. We did the 12 months fairy tale and we got some brilliant results. Highly recommended
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead
Had a great day out on a photography course in the Lake District walking around the fells of Hawsewater delivered by Petr Vopenka . Finally taken my stabilisers off and shot a few photos in manual modes with expert guidance.
Miles Roberts
Miles Roberts
Had a great day out in the Lake District with Photographeria. Learnt some great tips on how to get the most out of my camera, and had a good walk/hike/scramble up a hillside to go with it! Looking forward to another course soon. Thank you.
Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper
Did the Lake District workshop today - great opportunity for beginners to learn the basics in lovely scenery. Petr is very knowledgeable and patient and I learnt a lot. Many thanks! Highly recommend.