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Landscape photography is not about beautiful pictures

Why is landscape photography different Landscape photography is little bit different than shooting portraits, weddings or commercial photography. If you shoot portraits or products, the main output is the photograph. After a while, you don’t remember the photoshoot itself, how did you feel or where exactly it was. However, with

How to become a photographer

We can argue that anybody who has camera is a photographer. However, in this article we are talking more about how to become a photographer who makes money by photography. There are multiple ways how to make money using your camera, but let’s start from the beginning. Let’s assume you

Arnside photography (before & after)

Arnside is a small village stretching along the shore of Morecambe bay in the North West England. It is quiet and remote place known for very fast tides. On a sunny day you can see visitors walking up and down the main promenade enjoying the view of ever changing estuary

Annie Leibovitz Masterclass

Annie Leibovitz Masterclass review

It is almost 50 years ago when Annie Leibovitz started as professional photographer with her first employer the Rolling Stones magazine. If you are interested in facts there is obviously a lot information about her elsewhere on the internet, but this article is specifically about her lectures on published

Married couple

Wedding photography tips for beginners

What is it like to be a wedding photographer? How to shoot an excellent wedding photography? It’s definitely not what anyone with a camera can do. The wedding photographer must feel the responsibility for what he or she does. Wedding photography cannot be done in a way “… well, I

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Megan Jay
Megan Jay
I worked with Photographeria when he came up to Penrith to shoot with me, he had some great ideas. We did the 12 months fairy tale and we got some brilliant results. Highly recommended
Paul Whitehead
Paul Whitehead
Had a great day out on a photography course in the Lake District walking around the fells of Hawsewater delivered by Petr Vopenka . Finally taken my stabilisers off and shot a few photos in manual modes with expert guidance.
Miles Roberts
Miles Roberts
Had a great day out in the Lake District with Photographeria. Learnt some great tips on how to get the most out of my camera, and had a good walk/hike/scramble up a hillside to go with it! Looking forward to another course soon. Thank you.
Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper
Did the Lake District workshop today - great opportunity for beginners to learn the basics in lovely scenery. Petr is very knowledgeable and patient and I learnt a lot. Many thanks! Highly recommend.