Lancaster International

This film project is about Lancaster international community. People who live in Lancaster, but are not originally from the UK.

The idea and aim of this project is to show Lancaster to people who do not live here, but are considering to come and make Lancaster their home, at least for a while, or who are simply interested in Lancaster.

I personally came to Lancaster in 2015 following a job offer from Lancaster University. In the beginning it was hard not knowing anybody, not knowing the city, still learning the language and living on a tight budget. Four years later our family is still here and things got much better. Many other people live similar story. This is their story.

‚ÄúLancaster International‚ÄĚ is not commercial project so nobody is paid and so people interviewed in this film are expressing their own opinions. The film will be published on the web, on video on demand sites such as Amazon Prime and will be also submitted to film festivals in the UK and also internationally.