Landscape photography

Course introduction

People try and fail with landscape photography, because landscape photography is not an easy subject. To take great landscape pictures you have to travel to interesting places, be lucky with the weather and last but not least you have to know how to make interesting landscape photographs. This course addresses the first and the last points.

We will be walking the Lake District, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK. And we will be discussing photography techniques that will help you to understand aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to take better pictures. If you have attended our beginners photography course, you will already have solid background and understanding of photography rules. If not, then don’t worry. Everything will be explained from the very basics.

The course is for beginners, although we occasionally have more advanced photographers in the group, who take this course as an opportunity to join group of likeminded individuals. If you are a beginner photographer, then you will benefit the most. We will start by exploring various camera settings, talk about filters, shooting water, landscape, skyscape and mountains using various lenses with or without tripod.

The workshop is for limited number of participants to ensure we have plenty of time for learning and one to one discussions. We usually depart from Lancaster in the morning and return back to Lancaster in the late afternoon. On Saturdays there are morning trains from Manchester and London arriving to Lancaster between 8am and 9am. We wait for photographers escaping busy cities by train at the Lancaster railway station and return after the course back to the same place. Transport Lancaster-Lake District-Lancaster is provided and included in the price.


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From scafell pike
Esk falls
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North scafell
Blea tarn under snow


Here are some pictures from past courses.