Schafberg – Austria with kids

Schafberg is a mountain in Austria close to Salzburg rising up from the edge of Wolfgang lake. You can either hike to the top in couple of hours or take a cog railway which takes you there in couple of minutes.

The first trains pulled and pushed by steam locomotives begun to deliver tourists to the top of the mountain in 1893. Even today some of the engines run on steam.

Since it is easy to reach the top, the mountain summit is crowded by people. Some of them arrive in high heels and summer dresses. And so if you are into hiking and nature, this is not your destination. However, the views are spectacular and if you are in company of young children or senior parents then this trip cannot be more recommended.

After you conquer the mountain and if you still have time, explore St. Wolfgang, the town below the mountain. Again very touristic, but lovely place with traditional architecture and costumes and souvenir shops.

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