Short film looking for actors

Short film looking for actors

This is call to hobby actors based in Lancaster, UK, who are interested in joining short film project.

The film does not have a script yet. So it is a little experiment. For this project I want to first find the actors and then base the characters on the actors themselves. So, actors come first and the script second. Why this way?

The idea is that divorced mom with three kids will act as mom (the character) much more naturally than fresh graduate from university. Or, if you have East European accent the character and the story should have something to do with immigration, etc. There is a story in every one of us and so the project will take inspiration from real life, exaggerate or change some parts and put together those individual life experiences into one single combined  story.

Now couple of warnings/explanations.

  • This is no budget film. In the world of photo modelling this is called TFP (time for prints). You are giving your time in exchange for the final product, which in our case will be the film.
  • Nobody is getting paid. That is why I am looking for hobby actors who usually make living from some other activity, not acting.
  • I am by no means drama teacher. So I am looking for hobby actors who already have some experience and/or feel confident in front of the camera. I am easy to work with, and this is really just project for fun, but I expect you to be prepared, know your lines and your character. So if you want to commit to the project, you will need to find some time during weekends and evenings for table reading, rehearsal and shooting.
  • The length of the film is planned to be app. 15 min. Depending on script this may require couple of days/evenings of your time for the activities mentioned above.

Our last film Lancaster International is now published on Amazon Prime, in film festivals circuit and is showing in couple of cinemas. The plan is to do the same with this next project.

If you are still interested after reading all this 🙂 it would be great to meet you and get to know you. Please send me an email with some background information about yourself. Links to Facebook and/or YouTube, where I can see you would be great.

Thank you, Petr

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