Storm born

Storm Born

Short film about mother, her son and the short time they have together.

"Strom Born" is finalist of MoveMe film festival in Belgium and was selected for Vagabond film festival in the United Kingdom.


Jane lives her life alone until one day her son John is born in the middle of the storm. The physical pain of John’s arrival is as much intense as the emotional one 20 years later when John leaves and Jane is alone again.


Jane Eva Chladkova
John (1 year old) Emma Pilcova
John (5 years old) Filip Vopenka
John (20 years old) Daniel Kreisinger
John (1 year old) Emma Pilcova
Nurse 1 Zuzana Havlova
Nurse 2 Jan Vopenka
NarratorVanessa Wood
DirectorPetr Vopenka
Production designerJan Vopenka
Makeup artistZuzana Havlova
Assistant cameraIva Vopenkova
CameraPetr Vopenka
Sound recordingVlastimil Vopenka
EditorPetr Vopenka
MusicHugh Rogers

About the film

The film is based on poem by Vanessa Wood and the story behind it is real. Vanessa really gave birth to her son in the middle of the storm.

Making the film was first experience of this kind for everybody involved. We have shot this in two days over midterm holidays in the Czech Republic. The only expenses clearly connected to the production were 5 pizzas for the crew on the first day of shooting (plus coffee I think). For this being no budget film, we were fortunate enough to secure an entire hospital wing for shooting the main scenes. This was possible via connections of our production designer Jan, who’s day job is in health services. He was also able to source a wonderful camera dolly for the final shot.

The only true professional working on the film was Zuzana, the make-up artist. She did great job making Jane twenty years older within one hour over lunch break. Yes, she did not have time to eat her pizza. She also played one of the nurses and in addition she was pregnant too. So we had backup for the main character.

Eva, playing the main character Jane, was excellent. Just in case you wonder, she still rides her horse. The only discrepancy with the movie is that in reality Eva is expecting baby girl, not a boy. But hopefully this does not spoil the film for you. Enjoy the film.

Director’s bio

Petr Vopenka has been still photographer for many years. He has been working mainly in the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Storm Born is his first short film and a milestone in his conversion from still to motion pictures. Petr also leads photography courses in Lancaster, UK and is fellow of Royal Geographical Society.