Studio photography

Studio photography course

If you feel confident shooting regular images, you might consider taking your photography to the next level. In this Studio photography course you will learn how work with lights and other studio equipment. Today, basic studio light equipment can be purchased for very affordable prices and you can even build your small studio at home or even take the lights out on location.

The main advantage of using studio lights is that you have all light under your control, which also means that you have to know what to do with it. We will talk about couple of standard light setups using one, two or three lights with umbrella, softbox or reflector and also about manual camera settings. Big part of any studio photography project is working with live model or positioning product and we will practice that too.


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Do you need to photograph products for eshop or friends business?

Have you ever wandered how to shoot portrait in the studio?

After this studio photography course you will be able to take professional photographs of people and products. You will understand lighting techniques and think critically about the images taken in studio.

We will learn classic three lights setup, which usually works the best and is universal.

One light only can emphasise the natural light.

Backgrounds are as important as the subject. Can you see how many lights are we using here? Look in the eyes 🙂

Low key portrait with one soft light only.

Bring texture to the image by using various fabrics.

Think about the colours. This is not black and white, but actually grey and orange.

Using artificial light for black end white photography is ideal. You can control gradients much better.