Video production services

Digital video production is one of the most cost effective ways of marketing. It is the best way to capture your customer’s attention and deliver your message. We can help you to create your video for YouTube, your website or other video channels.
A professionally made video on your website and social media will significantly increase traffic. Video will engage your audience and reduce bounce rates, because people watching the video stay longer on your site.

Why would you consider video production services

Reading is tiring, and users often leave your web within seconds missing all information you made available to them. Having a video to describe what you do, or the products you offer, can be really beneficial, because you can pass your message in easier and more entertaining format.
Photographeria provides full video production services in Lancaster and Lake District area. We can manage the project from concept development via video production to video post production. You will be involved as much as you can to provide your feedback and decisions regarding the video content and form.

Whether we are shooting on location or at studio, we have everything you need from pre-production, video shooting to final video edits. We offer attention to detail in every phase of video production stage.



Lake District shoot

Where are we

We are based in Lancaster, and so we cover mainly the area of Lancashire, North West England. However, we can obviously travel to more distant locations if the shoot requires it. Our video production services are flexible and affordable. Please contact us to discuss making your next video.

Video examples

Promo video for Lucie Jonasova, Miss Agro.

Music video produced for Avisto, Czech singer songwriter.

Promo video for Miss Agro Klara Paletova.

Promo video for Gabriela Serbinova, Miss Agro candidate.

Keep in touch

If you would like to keep in touch regarding our video services or photography services and photography courses, please visit our Facebook page or subscribe to our YouTube channel.